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The Fetish Soap Opera

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1/8/08 12:08 pm - Vegas!

So I'm leaving for Vegas tomorrow for the AVN afterparty.
It's not a destination I would have picked (many other places I wanted to see first) but who can resist going to the AVN expo and afterparty, not only to mention the great people being there? < swooooooooon! >

I dreamed that I had forgotten my suitcase with all my gear, I'm so OC about this since, I've checked my lists five times so far ;)

I haven't yet finished my Isadventure about NY, but hope to finish it as soon as I'm back and start working on the Vegas one.

Kisses to all of you while I'm gone, I'll be sure to include a bit of debauchery into my week on your behalf.

12/27/07 02:05 pm - DOOM II baby!

If you know me well, you've heard me complain quite a few times that because I started these fetish fooleries, I have never been able to finish Resident Evil 4. Which, if you know me, you know is a very big deal.

If you're busy, that game is a nightmare because:

a) you can't stop the game and pick it up a couple of weeks later, you'll forget some stuff and it's just not as good
b) as a consequence of a) you'll never get any work done (forget about it, seriously)

Except from racing games like Wipeout and Twisted Metal Black, there is nothing that I find entertaining for long that isn't that kind of game and that release as much stress.

Until I thought of DOOM II!

What says better "I want to kill a few things no strings attached" than DOOM II?

And although it was made for DOS, it runs on XP, no joke. Plus it took less than 30 seconds to install! Wow, what a leap in the past. Still, I am amazed at how good this game still is.

Plus if you just want to kill a few things without a scratch you put your game in God Mode et voilà.

I think I'm in love!

12/14/07 12:40 pm - My boyfriend is a nerdy cab driver

We've insulated our home and installed new thermostats in the house to cut down on the electricity fees.
It works beautifully, especially considering that Seb programmed them all well, so that when we wake up, the kitchen and dining room are warm, when we come back from work the living room is warm and when we go to bed the bedroom is.

However, it gave him this weird urge to check stats at all times of the day, and now he talks about the differences in temp that occurred during the night, the day or during the evening. I am showered by these constant flows of information about the fluctuation of the house temperature in comparison with the weather. We can even talk about the weather many times a day now!

Like: wow it's cold out there today!
Later on: It's sunny now, I wonder if it'll get covered later and the temperature will drop.
Five minutes later: Ooow they're announcing snow tomorrow, I bet we'll see then the difference the insulation makes!
Two hours later: HAH! It's covered now, we've dropped almost 3 degrees in two hours!!

Every info is told with glee. I'm almost jealous, looking at the quantities of fun this seems to inspire him, I wish I was as joyous when I hear about those stats. I feel a bit bad, but I just can't seem to bring myself to be interested by these facts. I mean, once in a while ok, but multiple times a day is way too much for me to even be perky when he shares the info with me.

To me, if I install insulation and thermostats and I never think of them again after, they did their job right because I'm warm.

I think for Christmas I'll buy him a journal to keep track of his precious stats, ehehehe.

12/12/07 05:39 pm - Email received today

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2007 17:30:25 -0500
From: <####>
To: <nouvelles@fetichesoiree.ca>

I was at your last party in November. There was some finger food passed in the room that night but no one came to where we were, so we never got any and by the time we were told there was none left, as it wasn't anywhere on your flyer so we didn't know we should keep an eye out for that. Next time you should definitely make sure that there is enough for everyone, it was super frustrating for us to hear about the good food but not get some. I would think that you should have thought of that!
Keep it in mind for next time!



Dear ####

I know it can be really frustrating when people point out grammatical errors or things of the sort in other people's texts, but couldn't help it and just had to rephrase some parts of the email, before passing it on to the rest of the organization.

Here is what I came up with:

I was at your last party in November. There was some home made finger food passed in the room that night, and although we unfortunately did not get any, we were pleasantly surprised that this was offered to the crowd, as it wasn't announced anywhere on your promotional material and was a nice surprise. Next time we'll make sure to keep an eye out, as we heard how good the food was so we really are looking forward to getting some. Thank you for thinking about it!
I'll keep in mind to pay attention next time!

I hope you forgive me for making those slight modifications to your text, it was done with the best intentions at heart and I suppose because ultimately, I'm grammatically a half glass full type of writer!

12/7/07 08:36 pm - We have the best customers ever!

They are usually very pleasant and kind, they try on the stock, go to the cashier to pay the selected pieces, and when I go into the cabin to get the rest that they didn't buy, there's nothing.

Not because they stole it, silly. Because they put it all back on the hangers and where they were on the walls. They even get the order right (s-m-l-xl)!

I don't know if people do that everywhere, but I doubt it. If it's not the fetish people and it's not the weather, hand me my leather!

(to the first person getting that last reference, I'm giving you a free bottle of latex shiner!)

12/1/07 06:10 pm - Where is the trust nowadays?

So this guy walks in the store, obviously drunk.

He asks me money for a cab drive to go get his kids out of his house because he just caught his wife with another man in bed. Says he'll pay me back tomorrow.

I tell him, I'll give you the money, I won't lend it to you.
He insists.
I tell him, if he does give it back, that'll be his choice, but I won't expect it, like this I'm sure not to be disappointed.

...Until he tells me the amount he needs is 60$!

Now, I can't afford to loose 60$. I tell him I can give him 20$ if I call the cab from the store and pay the cab driver myself. But it won't do because he needs to go home by bus, get his kid then call the cab.

If I can't call the cab from the store, all I'll give him is 5$, I say.

He doesn't understand. I explain to him that I don't know him. He probably is telling me the truth, but I don't know that, trust is based on experience and I have no past with him. If he isn't telling me the truth, maybe he'll take the money to drink and that's not something I want to sponsor. There is no way for me to know.

He took the 5$ and seemed grateful. He started to tell me about his life and his wife that cheated on him and his friend who knew but didn't tell him. Time is not something I have in abundance either, but I do have more than I have money and I you can't take a bit of time to listen to someone that needs to talk, then where is the world going.

He just left now and I feel really sad, because there is no way for me to know if he was telling the truth. In an era where big cities means anonymity, people will most likely lie and steal. I used to think differently but have learned that if you take the gamble, you'll most likely loose.

I just wish I could afford to trust everybody.

But on a more realistic scale, I wish he's ok.

11/28/07 12:34 pm - Some days..

< sigh >

So the ceiling has started leaking in the store last night, so we closed the store yesterday morning to try to repair, but it's not something we'll be able to do ourselves, and I can't reach the owner of the building, crappens.

Fortunately, no stock was really damaged.

Anyone wants some rain water?

11/20/07 01:33 pm - Addiction recap


I have to say that I am very proud of the work we did, turning the place upside down to get it to look like a bar was no small feat (for those who may remember from the Passion ball, the bar was in the middle of the place and needed to be split in half, and all the water utilities moved)

It wasn't perfect, but I think it's a good start!

Improvements that need to be done for next time:
  • the bathrooms! They need to be cleaned during the night if they block (although considering they were completely out of order for a couple of months and we fixed them the same day, I'm not too upset, but definitely need improvement)
  • we need to find a way to make the coat check system more efficient for those who need to go smoke
  • lighting (better lighting for the play stations, the lounge and the dancefloor....so pretty much everywhere!) I've had a really good idea for some lamps.
  • better sound (was far from perfect..)
  • more decoration, that will be done a bit each month
For those that mentioned they thought there weren't enough play stations, after thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that 5 stations is pretty good in a 10$ party where the play is an aspect but not the main mandate. These stations cost a lot of money and although I'd like to invest in a chain block and a vac bed as it's been eating at me for a while, we just don't have that kind of money right now. Creative solutions are welcome though!

Overall I think it's a good basis that can be built upon. I had a lot of fun and I'm really hoping the evening will turn out as a place where people can meet, where we can learn, but mostly where we can feel comfortable and have fun!

Thanks a lot for those who showed up even without a liquor license, it was really heart warming to see so many of you there :)

Also thanks to all those who helped on that day, you did amazing work!!

11/2/07 02:06 pm - Mighty cool customers

We have some amazing customers. Seriously. Some drop by for an interesting chat and bring Isa Guru energy drinks.

Some people just get me. < content sigh >

10/26/07 07:42 pm - Halloween shopping

Caller: Yes, hi, do you have cowboy costumes under 45$?
Isa: I don't have any cowboy costumes, I'm sorry.
Caller: But I thought you were a fetish store!
Isa: Exactly.

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